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What is MAX DATA

MaxData automates the service economy, presents consumers’ current needs to service providers and saves them billions of dollars in advertising costs. MaxData helps consumers acquire services they need, such as broadband, utilities, insurance, financial services and many more, for the best price with just the click of a button.

As Seen On

The Status Quo

The 4 main problems increasing
the cost in the service economy

1Lack of Time

Consumers’ time is precious, they don’t have time to fully research the market and find the most cost-effective services.

“Currently, big data giants bring a partial solution. They track every movement of your mouse, click, message you send and purchase you make online and sell advertising space to service providers. These costs need to be covered resulting in consumers ultimately paying for their own data collection”

Assi Zichlinski CEO MaxData

4What to Offer

Companies sell the wrong offerings to the right customers, because they don’t know what people really need at any given moment.

2Ad Blindness

Consumers have become numb to ads and are sick and tired of being harassed with spam or aggressive salespeople.

3Who to Target

Companies often target the wrong customers, paying billions of dollars to Big Data giants for nothing.


Maxdata is here with a comprehensive solution to reinvent the service economy as we know it.

Our Vision

Reinventing the consumer-company relationship. Giving ownership and profits on personal data back to consumers, reducing consumers’ cost of living and giving unprecedented value to companies making them more efficient and reducing their marketing costs.

Our Mission

Build a platform where consumers and service providers interact directly. Using blockchain technology, consumers anonymously provide information. Service providers use this to structure their businesses more efficiently, reducing their marketing and overhead costs by allowing them to target consumers who receive tokens and cost saving offers that truly bring them value.

Contribute to our TGE and join our community to accelerate the new service economy!

MaxData Benefits

Free Market
Know What
Consumers Need
Direct Access to
Reduced Marketing
Social Purchasing
Protect Users
No More Spam
Users Benefit
From Their Data
Reduce Cost of


Maxdata Platform

Maxdata offers a win-win platform. Our platform allows users and businesses to connect directly and more efficiently - where money stays with the people that bring value to the deal.

After creating a MaxData account, a consumer will be able to fill out what services he needs and how much he is currently paying for them. Service providers can analyse this anonymous data and send a consumer our MXD tokens for the privilege of sending them offers directly.

How it Works

About us

The Team

  • Assi Zichlinski

    Our CEO

  • Jaron Seijffers


  • Gil Tal


  • Shimon Ben Harosh


  • Sergei Kobs

    R&D Team Leader

  • Alon Kushnir

    Business Development

  • Brian Pagán

    User Experience Lead

  • Dror Markus

    Marketing Content

  • Noam Wild

    Community Manager

  • Yair Vinder

    User Interface Lead

  • Barak Sidi

    Creative Design

  • Kirill Golikov

    Business Development

  • Lazareva Evgenia

    Bounty Manager

  • Oleg Smyrnov

    CIS Business Development


  • Imri Tov

    Director in Bank Hapoalim, the largest bank of Israel

  • Dror Shaked

    SVP Business Development at (NASDAQ:WIX)

  • Moddi Keret

    A Director in Bezeq, the largest telecommunication company in Israel

  • Dr. Hanan Gazit, Ph.D.

    Founder of juloot interactive | Gamification Specialist

  • Ofer Druker

    Former Founder & CEO of Matomy Media Group

  • Eyal Shalev

    BitCoin Private Ambassador

  • Gil Yaniv

    Former deputy CEO of Migdal insurance

  • Benjamin Theobald

    Global Serial Entrepeneur

Token Sale Details

$50.000.000 USD
TGE Hard Cap
$5.000.000 USD
TGE Soft Cap
10 MXD =  1 USD
Token value at launch
We are giving away 2.000.000 MXD tokens in our bounty program. Join today to earn free MXD tokens. Everyone can take part in this rewarding activity and win a share of the bounty.
Join Our Bounty

MaxData is committed to providing full transparency to the users and giving real power to our community. We will provide ongoing updates regarding our financial status, product development, milestones, etc.

Token allocation

Fund allocation
Token Purchasers
The participants in this TGE who acquired the Token will hold this portion. They will receive the Tokens at the end of the TGE sale period thus the actual % will be determined then.
MaxData Company
The platform will hold this portion and it will be used among others to enrich the ecosystem, partnerships, collaboration and operation reserves for future activities.
MaxData Founders
The owners and the original investors of the platform will get this portion of the tokens as compensation for their TGE sale efforts.
MaxData Team
The platform employees will get this portion with a lockup of 6 months and a 12-month vesting schedule.

Fund allocation

Fund allocation
MaxData’s R&D will implement the platform using the blockchain. The plan will be executed based on the roadmap. We will implement it on the cloud, providing web and application access. Special care should be in taken to ensure the ease of usage for all users on the platform.
Funding will go to the allocation and support of the Service Providers with their integration to the MaxData platform. Special attention will be on the broad approach to the consumers and their awareness of the platform’s benefits for them. The funds will support PR, Advertising, Marcom, Business Development, working with the community of the Token holders, global sales offices, etc.
The funds for this activity will be used to set the infrastructure of the platform along with Legal, Accounting & Administration, Regulation, compliance and ongoing requirements.
The Operations of this platform will supports the IT needs (HW/SW/Cloud/Licenses/etc) of all other platform activities in order to execute our plan. In addition, it includes the Security support (Cyber and on premises), supply chain demands and all other requirements for the ongoing operation.


MaxData intend to fulfill its full roadmap but it is depended on the amount of tokens that will be purchased during the TGE.


Will my data be safe?
Yes. MaxData holds user security to be of utmost importance. Our technical team will work diligently to continuously implement the latest encryption techniques for your data, while keeping the information decentralized and secure on and off the blockchain.
How do I benefit from MaxData?
MaxData provides benefits for both consumers and service providers. By facilitating a direct link between both parties, MaxData allows service providers to find consumers without having to pay massive marketing overhead fees. This allows them to reduce their end price and offer lower costs to the consumers. For more detailed information please refer to the Whitepaper “Purpose and Usage” section along with the “Benefits to the token holders” section.
Does MaxData sell my data?
MaxData does not sell your data. We want consumers to get to the lowest price for services. Instead, service providers give you MXD tokens through our platform and pay us a small transaction fee.
Is there a minimum funding goal?
MaxData’s minimum funding goal (Soft Cap) is $5 million.
What services can I get using MaxData?
MaxData plans to tackle the entire service industry from telecommunications, utilities, insurance, to financial services and more. As we expand, we will add more services from this list in the various geographical locations.
What currencies will be accepted?
During the Pre TGE, We accept both major cryptocurrencies and fiat. During Crowdsale it will be ETH and Bitcoin only.
How can I get updates about the project?
You can follow us on: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Medium and YouTube in the links below.
You can also subscribe to our newsletter and receive updates directly in your Mailbox!
Do you have a bounty program I can join to?
If you want to join our bounty program, send an email to and we will update you as soon as it goes live.
What information does MaxData need?
To begin using the platform, users can fill out their service needs and/or current service conditions. Using this anonymous information - and this information alone - our platform will be able to match users only with service providers that offer truly attractive offers.
Where is my data stored?
Anonymized data will be stored on the MaxData blockchain - while private data will be encrypted, and saved securely off-chain. The only ones with access will be the users themselves and any service provider - should the consumer choose.
What is the MXD token?
The MaxData platform is based on an open source cryptographic token named MXD. The token can be used openly for service payments and escrow.
What is the TGE hard cap?
MaxData’s hard cap is $50 million.
How do I purchase the MXD token?
You can acquire it in our presale or token sale.
Are there token purchasing limitations?
You are not allowed to purchase MXD Tokens if you are a resident or purchasing from a location in the United States of America or the People's Republic of China. You are not allowed to purchase MXD Tokens if you are an entity (including but not limited to any corporation or partnership) incorporated, established or registered in or under the laws of the United States of America and the People's Republic of China, or if you are purchasing MXD Tokens on behalf of any such entity.
When will the platform be launched?
MaxData will start working with selected customers following the TGE. Please check our roadmap for more details and timing.